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I purchased an hd razor 7990 waterblock and am having trouble getting the temperatures even between the two cores. I have removed and remounted the block onto the dual gpu card 4 times so far.

1st attempt yielded the first yielded an average gpu temp on core 1 of 43c and core 2 of 80c, tightened all 8 gpu screws evenly and applied thermal place using an "x" pattern on the cores. Noted upon removal the paste on core 2 had not spread throughout the entire core (didn't spread much at all) compared to core 1 which was spread fully throughout the core.

2nd attempt yielded temps of core 1 37c and core 2 of 73c tightening just the screws around core two fully first (furthest from display connectors I assume?) and spreading Tim using a credit card into a thin layer.

3rd attempt yielded temps of core 1 35c and core 2 70c tightening the screws around core one fully first (closest to display connector) and spreading Tim with a credit card.

4th attempt yielded temps of core 1 40c and core 2 75c tightening all screws evenly in the recommended x patterns as done in the first attempt but spreading Tim thinly with a credit card this time.

My conclusion is that core 2 is not making good contact with the waterblock which could possibly be machined short? Do you have any ideas. I do not want to risk ruining my 7990 by mounting it so many times and I feel I am wearing out my tubing by constantly pulling it on and off of the barbs. I am out of budget for more tubing.

Can you help me with this issue?

I am using the witcher 2 for stressing as i have it hooked up just mouse and keyboard in the basement without internet and no way to start my mining or furmark to really see high temps... But as you could imagine i am concerned it may hit 100 on either of these programs as is. My cooling is in my sig.