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Originally Posted by TLHarrell View Post

I'm assuming you have access to a CNC machine of some sort? And the LEDs, you're wiring up 5mm LEDs poking through all those holes? Looks rather amusing to me. Very interesting design.

MDF takes wood stain very nicely. Sand the edges really well with fine sandpaper and a block, remove all dust and put on stain with a foam brush. I'd also recommend a light coat of sanding sealer or a clear finish on the edges to keep them from absorbing any moisture. Liquid does very bad things to MDF, and very quickly.

Unfortunately no CNC, so the parts will either be outsourced to a laser cutting firm, or made the old fashioned way. I have a CNC project in mind but still need approval from the OH redface.gif

I would like the LED's to be individually addressable, i haven't seen any 'strips' that cater for that yet, but im open to ideas. I have some future projects in mind which would use the LEDs as sort of status indicators.

A dark stain might look good on the wood edges, I was considering a thin aluminium strip bonded to it somehow but painting would definitely be easier.
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Adafruit carries addressable RGB LED strips:
You'd obviously have to change how they mount as you can't stick strips through those holes. Of course, that makes it a little easier as you can use a routed channel to stuff them into.

I've seen MDF dyed very lightly, still showing the wood "grain" through the finish. It actually comes out rather cool looking.

I just got myself a CNC machine. They're a blast to mess around with. Got mine just about ready to go from Probotix rather than spend my time making one up myself. Just don't have the time for that at this point.

I've been around the block as far as fabrication, making things from scratch, doing electronics and all that sort of stuff. If you need info on anything specific, or need to bounce ideas around for designs, feel free to ask.
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This stuff is pretty sexy

the channel in each leg is around 2m long, so 4 metres in total, with the groove in the desk top that goes up to around 6m in total, not sure if I can justify $360 + int shipping on LEDs, but having almost a thousand addressable RGB LEDs would be pretty sweet!

I might just tone it down a little, use blue LED strip for the legs and make the top of the desk addressable, that way I can still have built in notifications eg flash green when a new email is received, left to right download progress, etc etc,
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