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hi guys,

I've just finished building my Mini-ITX media PC. This PC will be used for the following purposes:-

1. General Office/Kids School Work/Web Browsing on Windows
2. As a Media PC which is directly connected to a HDTV.
3. As a Central Media & Data Solution for the home, so that other devices can access the shared content such as movies, music etc.
4. As a Backup Solution (At a much later date). For now it's only got 120 ssd drives for windows and other apps and 1tb for xbmc + movies and other collection.

Since I need to have Windows for definite, I have downloaded Essentials 2012 trial and now need your expert help with the following questions:-

1. Can windows server essentials work the same as Windows 8 Pro - i.e, can I create user accounts for kids for example?
2. If the answer is Yes to question 1, then how can I protect the server from accidently being messed up by the kids? i.e. user accounts, rights and/or blocking them from writing to windows etc?
3. How do I setup essentials to act as a Central Solution for all my devices, so that they can access it's data, but are blocked from everything else?

Thank you