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I've been in the market for an mATX case and the 350D fit my needs except for two things... I want only 1 optical bay and I need at least 3 3.5" HDD bays. I'd like to see the same thing in a mid tower.

Number of Expansion Slots: Whatever seems reasonable to keep the case at a "mid-tower stature"
Number of 3.5" drive bays: > 3
Number of 2.5" drive bays: 2 behind the motherboard
Watercooling options: 280mm radiator up top. Removable 3.5" HDD cages to allow another 280mm in the front. Having only A single 5.25" bay should allow some extra headroom here as well. I would like to see the rubber openings for tubing in the back of the case GONE. If you're going to water cool, everything should be INSIDE the case!
Layout (PSU on bottom/top/etc?): PSU always bottom! A PSU up top always makes the CG weird on a case and feels awkward when moving it.
Fan/Cooling Options: It seems like the new trend is 140mm fans which seems reasonable. I am happy enough when a case includes 2 nice fans, doesn't have to be fancy. Please do NOT put a fan cutout in the door of the case! This is so silly.
Number of 5.25" drive bays: ONE
Other (sound dampening? Windows?): If it fits within the budget this would be nice. But, removal of the fan grill in the door and the rubber grommets for tubing to exit the case will make me happy enough.
Maximum price you'd pay for your "dream" mid tower: < $150