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Looking for Claw Grip Mouse (first post)

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Hey guys I often browse the web looking for opinions on topics, and I keep finding myself coming back here, so I'd figure I'd ask my question.

I have a m60 that is now kaput. My sister came over when I offered to help her will a University project and she spilled tea all over my keyboard and mouse. I'm looking for a replacement for my m60.

I'm a low sens gamer, I take 12-14 inches to do a 360 depending on the game, and I generally play claw grip.

What I liked about the m60 was its weight and how wide it was. What I generally disliked was how long it was, and the sniper button. Both it's function and position made it useless to me.

What I'm basically looking for is a wide, heavy, claw mouse that tracks very well on a Goliathus. I only need 2 extra side buttons (to switch from primary to secondary), but more are welcome so long as the number isn't ridiculous, and they are logically placed.

My game of choice is Natural Selection 2.

Thanks in advance.
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I like the CM Storm Spawn with the FW61 firmware 800dpi. However, take note that using the FW61 firmware would change the spawn's dpi values from 800/1800/3500 to 800/1600/4000. It uses a Avago-3090 sensor(really accurate sensor). Really love my Spawn and QCK+ combo at the moment. My sensitivity is 56.5cm/360 and I claw grip this mouse. smile.gif
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Ya I've been looking at the spawn. My only real reservation about it is the 3 dpi settings. The fact I cant change it to jump to 3 custom dpi is a bit strange to me. On the other hand I've heard nothing but good things about that mouse.
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