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First, thanks for reading.

Over the past few weeks I've done a ridiculous amount of research and searching for the right mouse for me, and I just can't seem to identify a good fit (too often literally).

Here are my specs:
- I have truly average-sized man-hands (7.5" wrist to longest fingertip, 3.5" palm width, average finger width and length)
- I am right-handed and use a fingertip grip. My thumb grips left side. Index and middle fingers are on LMB and RMB, respectively. Ring finger and pinky grip the right side. Palm barely touches the mouse, if that. Side-to-side horizontal movement is fingers w/wrist. Front-and-back vertical movement is 100% fingers. My arm doesn't move.
- Current mouse is a Logitech G5. I know that many consider this too big for fingertip grip, but it works fairly well for me. Because even though the mouse is large overall, the thumb depression is deep. Also, the right side angles smoothly downward (no square edges between top an side, like so many mice), so my ring finger can rest comfortably along the side and still grip effectively. Furthermore, the surface materials are good — I get plenty of grip, without discomfort or sweat. Still, I find the mouse a bit large, and the sensor is nothing special. I believe I can do better.

Here's what I'm hoping to find in a new mouse:
- Good fit for my fingertip grip
- High-quality, gaming-level DPI optical sensor (I tend to play at 800 DPI with my laser-sensored G5, but I also have software sensitivity set at middle-high (in games and Windows) to allow my fingertip grip to move the mouse effectively across my 24" 1920x1080 monitor). I don't know what DPI I'd play at with an optical sensor.
- At least five buttons, but preferably 7+ (includes LMB/RMB). It seems that every optical mouse that's on the smaller side — and so well suited to a fingertip grip — has the bare minimum of buttons, as in three. Three? That may work in straightforward FPS games, but I also play RTS, MOBA, MMO, CRPG, etc. I simply need more programmable buttons, and, with only a couple of exceptions listed below, those seem available mainly on palm-grip-only and/or laser-sensored mice.
- Lighter weight. Not looking for a featherweight mouse, but I prefer a lighter weight to something on the heavier side (like some metal mice).
- The rest is the obvious stuff all gamers look for: quality switches, solid feel, nice surfaces and coatings, reliable and customizable software, decent warranty, etc.
- I'd prefer to pay under $70, but price isn't a major concern
- Things like looks, colored lights, etc. aren't at all important to me

Some options I've identified (opinions please):
- CM Storm Spawn
I like CM mice quality and software. My concern with this mouse is the right-side ring-finger rest. I've tried those before (Razer Naga, for instance), and while they are comfortable, they don't generally allow the fingertip grip user to get optimum leverage. But I haven't been able to test firsthand, since there isn't a store around here that carries it.
- CM Storm Recon
This could be perfect or nearly so, but, again, I'm unsure of the shape for fingertip users. As with the Spawn above, there isn't a store around here that carries it.
- MadCatz Cyborg Rat 3
A lot of reviewers are really surprised at how good the cheapest Rat is, often preferring it to the Rat 5, 7 and (maybe) 9 (no one reviews the 9). It's optical and has multiple buttons with a shift key. Lighter weight too. Some adjustment is also available, but not as much as its more expensive siblings. I've never found one to try. I'm somewhat concerned that it's too wide to fingertip grip comfortably. If not, it could be great.
- Logitech G400s
Another decent option, since it has multiple buttons and a high-grade optical sensor. The shape will be very similar to my G5, which is good, because my G5 is a solid fit...but as I already said about Logitech (excepting potentially the G9x below), I'm hoping for better.
- Logitech G9x
Many people rave about this mouse, and fingertip grip users often say it's the best fit out there. But it isn't optical, it's laser. And I've heard the middle mouse button isn't wonderful, though it does tilt left/right, which is nice. I've never been able to try one.
- SteelSeries Sensei
Another beloved mouse. And folks say it's well shaped for fingertip grip users. But, again, it's not optical, but laser. This is rarely mentioned, though, so perhaps the laser is so accurate it's equal to optical. Is there something special about the Sensei's sensor? I haven't been able to try this either.
- Roccat Savu and Roccat Kone Optical
Roccat is renowned for quality. Both these mice are high-end optical offerings. They've got multiple buttons, and the Savu has a shift key that effectively doubles the number. However, I'm quite concerned that they are too wide for fingertip use. I tried the Savu briefly in a store, and I didn't instantly take to the fit.

Please help. I've really put a lot of effort in to the search. Your feedback is most welcome.


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