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Failing a fx6300 overclock now system locks randomly

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First things first, this is what I'm running

ga970a-d3 (pretty sure this thing is the issue)
FX 6300
Cool Master eve hyper 212 cpu cooler
SeaSonic12II 620w Psu
gigabyte hd7950 windforce
g.skill ares series 8gb ram

So, tonight I decided to give myself a little overclock and take my cpu from 3.5ghz to 4.0. Didn't seem like a big deal with the FX series. I started in babysteps. Got up to 3.8Ghz, everything seem fine and stable in prime95. So, I decided to push it to 4.0Ghz. After that, prime95 failed. It just locked up my whole system. No mouse movement or anything. Temps were fine. Cpu never went above 49 degrees. I rebooted and set everything back to stock. Figured that was enough for one night. Found now that my computer locks up randomly. Surfing the web and such. Seems like it takes about 10 mins to lock. Even faster if I boot up a youtube video. After a couple reboots, my computer now locks up at the windows start up screen.

Just today, I ran myself 3 passes through memtest. My memory passed without any errors. I'm thinking its my motherboard. I know the ga970a-d3 isn't exactly great for overclocking but now even after setting everything back to default, I can't even get this thing back into windows. What do you guys think? Motherboard? cpu go out on me? I was already planning on order myself a asus sabertooth mobo this week. Just making sure I'm not running down the wrong path here.
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Have you tried clearing your CMOS? Seems to fix most overclocking related issues. I highly doubt you did anything to damage your board or memory.
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even after setting everything back to default, I can't even get this thing back into windows.

Did you reset everything to default by the option in the bios? Take the CMOS battery out for 10 minutes if you can't locate the option in the bios. Sorry, I can't tell if you properly reset the BIOS to default or not from that. The quoted words could mean a few things.

Did you every try to increase the voltage when overclocking? Did you overclock by FSB or multiplier?
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Actually, funny that you said that. I was in the process of doing that. I cleared the cmos. It was actually able to log back into windows. My first sure fire test was to boot youtube. about 3 seconds into a video, it locks up with a buzzing sound coming from my speakers. I'm thinking my mobo doesn't exactly like the fx series processors. Gonna play around a bit and see if it locks up outside of youtube.
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Booted up hitman absolution. Computer locked on the first load screen. So frustrating...
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I overclocked with a multiplier. Going to 4ghz, I increased the voltage up .025 from stock. After resetting cmos, my computer did let me back into windows. But, it seems really flakey. I get the feeling its gonna wanna lock up at any moment. It did twice already, once on youtube, another on a game.
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try just bumping your voltage without upping your multiplier at all.
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Just upped voltage. I'll go watch a youtube video and report back. lol seems to be my go to quick test. Videos tend to lock me up right away.
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Okay, gave my voltage a bump. I made it through a 15 min youtube video. That is quite the improvement from not being able to load into freaking windows. But, I've been debating on a new motherboard for awhile cause I have the impression this one is severally limiting me. From what I can gather, it only has a 4+1 power phasing. I guess that makes it very unstable when you pop in a FX CPU in and try to overclock it. I literally just ordered myself a Asus sabertooth 990fx board. Hoping maybe things will come out a little more stable with that. Totally not looking forward to rebuilding my whole system! lol
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