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***USB Question*****

I have my mouse and my keyboard both connected to the 2.0 ports on the backplate. In device manager, both are routed like this :::USB controller - USB root hub - Generic Hub with single TT - Generic Hub with Multiple TTS - Generic hub with single TT - composite device etc..

The first generic hub with a single TT has 3 usb composite devices listed on the advanced page
The second hub with multi TTs has no devices listed
the third hub with a single TT has 2 usb composite devices listed

I know that the single TT hubs are bottlenecks, on other mobos I have had I was able to plug into different ports until my input devices were either on separate hubs with single or multiple TT's, or directly connected to the root hub, or at least they were both on one hub with multiple TTs. I have never had a mobo that routed the input devices thru 3 generic hubs and a root hub like this. And the hub with multi TTs is sandwiched between two hubs with single TTs. My DPC latency idles around 10, but jumps to 1000 when I move the mouse.

I have tried all the usb ports and the connection to the controller is always the same. I admit my knowledge of translation translators is very limited. I know that single TT hubs are cheaper, and they are bottlenecks, and I know that on other mobos I have owned that some of the usb ports would be routed thru just the USB root hub, or possibly the USB root hub and ONE generic hub with Multi TTs. And when I connected my input devices to those ports, I didnt get DPC spikes when I moved the mouse, the dpc latency didnt change at all in fact it was steady at about 7-10.

Does anyone have any insight into this issue? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.