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660 and a 630

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I recently got a 660 SC 2GB and a 630 2GB.

I was wondering if there were any benefits to having both in my non-sli-able mobo. Like just to handle the 2nd screen maybe. I know not to tell it to do physx, that should be on the 660.

I got the 630 for a less power hungry computer to use while i can turn off the gaming beast. BUT i can always put my old 460 in there which would mean i can LAN PARTY! WOOT! So should i run two cards on either machine, or neither and refund it?

If you can think of any reason to keep the 630 hit me with it!


Edit: delete scenario that cant be done on the non-game computer.
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You could use it for a second screen, sure. But it's up to you to decide whether or not it's worth the extra heat/noise/power, since the 660 can handle 2 screens just fine.
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I wish i could boot into either of the two, one for low power and one for games. Might just keep it around for a backup i suppose. Won't have a 2 monitor setup anymore if i build another computer, it'll need that monitor. I just got too much gear and wasn't thinking. Darn you amazon prime! They shouldn't let you use your credit card after 10pm.
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