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Finally finsihing my gaming rig

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Hi all,

Just a little background. Towards the beginning of the year I started off my build with a NZXT Switch 810 case. I planned on putting in a 420 and 360mm rad. With the top rad I was not able to install a push pull setup for the fans so the dremel tool came out. Well needless to say after I was done cutting and went to mod the case I discovered (1) I am not very good at moding and (2) I just seemed to never have time to finish it. Sadly my components have been sitting in there boxes next to the remains of the Switch 810 case.

I have finally gotten the urge to finish this thing up in anticipation of the upcoming video game season. I have decided to let the Switch 810 rest in peace and move on to the Obsidian 900D. Now I will be able to fit everything I have and more. I am running a Sabertooth 990FX board and to keep with its color theme I have decided to go with black and tan cabling all lit up by a few red LED's. I am always reminded of the Humvee with its drab colors and red interior blackout lighting. Well enough blabbing and onto the treats that will make this kitty purr.

- Obsidian 900D
- Asus Sabertooth 990FX.
- AMD FX8350.
- 16GB AMD Radeon™ RP1866 Performance Series.
- Kingston HyperX SH100S3/240G SSD.
- 2 Diamond 7970 reference cards.
- 3TB Seagate HDD.

- 420m and 360mm Coolgate rads.

Water Blocks:
- Swiftech Apogee HD.
- Swiftech Komodo full coverage water blocks.

- 2 Swiftech D5 adjustable pumps.
- EK dual series pump top.

- Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 250 Inline Reservoir.

- Distilled water.
- IandH Silver KillCoils - Antimicrobial .999 Fine Silver Tubing / Reservoir Strip.

- Noctua 120mm and 140mm.

Tubing and Fittings:
- Tygon A-60-G Norprene 1/2" ID (3/4" OD).
- Swiftech compression fittings.

- Mod/Smart Kobra Max black and tan extenstions.

Hope you enjoy the build as this is my first. Pictures will come the beginning of next week.
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So I was on Newegg looking at the deals today. And just couldn't pass up the offer on the And FX-9590. So that will be going in my rig. It is the best deal that I have ever seen on the Egg.
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How much is it, then? Justifying a 9590 purchase means it must be really low
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