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I am looking at buying a pair of new monitors, and I'm thinking IPS. I have reviewed what's available at the stores I trust, within my price range, and narrowed my list of possibilities down to 4 IPS monitors, as seen in the thread title. I have read through reviews and looked at the specs of all 4 monitors, so this isn't so much a "what monitor is the best" thread, rather, I am looking for any recommendations or experiences people have regarding these monitors, so good or bad experiences, things you might have liked/disliked, that sort of stuff.

For example, I read another thread around here somewhere which said the quality control on the ASUS IPS monitors is very lenient, and the person recommended buying from a supplier who would be willing to refund/replace your purchase, in the event you get a monitor which is not quite up to par. I also read somewhere else that ASUS will not replace screens for dead pixels, unless there are 3 or more. These kinds of things are what I would like to know before I go sinking some money into these purchases.

For a little background, info, I will be using the screens for gaming and movies primarily, then general or non specific work like internet browsing, programming, etc. All 4 screens have a 5ms response time, which I am okay with. I would like to eventually get a third one, and mount it on a VESA bracket (which the AOC monitor doesn't support). I value uniform colors across the screen, I know some screens are prone to slight back light bleeding, I actually had a pair of the AOC monitors for a few days before I realized they had horrible bleeding which just ruined any dark images - it seems/I hope that was unique to the 2 monitors I got, not an inherent design flaw. I will use the monitors a lot, and one will come with me to LAN events every now and then, so build quality and guarantees/support from the manufacturer is also important.

The contenders are:

So yeah, I look forward to hearing what you have to say biggrin.gif.