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Originally Posted by KillThePancake View Post

So I acquired some new-to-me parts just recently, and I finally got around to take some pics and working out all of the little bugs in the system. So here goes:

Everything else looks great but this man, this is an eye soar on this poor build.
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Yeah, that's the pic of the old rig before the recent upgrade, and yes it is lol.
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if your old board still works build another system with it and stick a phenom ii x4 945 in it smile.gif
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That or a can of spray paint.
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Originally Posted by ozlay View Post

if your old board still works build another system with it and stick a phenom ii x4 945 in it smile.gif
I don't trust that board, all of the USB ports are wonky, the CPU fan header is dead, and it caught fire on me once.
Originally Posted by HotWheelz View Post

That or a can of spray paint.
It's going to be upgraded within 2 weeks or so anyway, so the giant gray brick will soon be gone biggrin.gif
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Just got a Corsair CX600M as a birthday present from my dad, and I also ordered an Asus GTX 660. Updates are to follow! biggrin.gif
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So excited, opening it now, will install later tonight, with pics!

And did someone say something about a watercooler? It's showing up as the last post but it's not in the thread?

Anyways, be back in a bit! biggrin.gif
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I've been playing under a rock...


I love this 660, not to mention my PC is practically silent now without the loud 9800GT.

I'm going to upload some pics in a second.
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So here are some pics, first of the psu and installation, then how I had it for about 2 days, then it's current config. Sorry for the horrible pics, I'll try and get some better ones tomorrow when it's daytime, as I just got back from work at night when I put this thing together.

Birthday present from dad biggrin.gif

Pretty biggrin.gif

Out with the old...

...In with the new!

And how it looked for the past 2 days

Smexy new card!


This thing is HUGE

Goodbye, old friend

Current config:


(I know, the last 2 pics are awful ._.)

Gamin Performance

So far, I've only run 2 games as it's late and I have school tomorrow, but The Witcher 2 runs at 40-60FPS, with all settings at max/on, besides UberSampling.

Borderlands 2 is the same, but it runs at 60FPS capped, with some dips down to 45 ish.

Some notes on the build...

I spaced out my hard drives because of the SATA power connectors are so far apart, it was bending the connectors in the drive's socket. So, I spaced them out, and they actually run A LOT cooler, and create more airflow for the GPU and throughout the case in general.

My 660 is maybe a 1/4" away from the first drive, it's a bit scary.

I love the CX600M, it's silent, and runs nice and cool. One little nagging problem I have though, is that there is an excessive number of power connectors on the 6PIN and 4PIN molex. But, not everybody has the same needs/requirements for connectors as I do. It just makes it hard to look nice.

I am also realizing, I need a bigger case. This one is far too cramped, and the side panel is bulging because the 24 pin cable is so long, I had to bunch it up.

So what's next for Larry?

Bigger/faster hard drive

I'm running 3x200GB hard drives, that are SATA 1.5 interface. Needless to say, they're slow, and I'm running out of space.


Now, granted my motherboard only supports SATA 2.0, it will make more of a difference when I upgrade motherboards anyway. An SSD should be a nice speed boost, I hope.

Bigger Case

I've been wanting to go mATX, but smaller systems/cases just don't fit my needs. So I will be finding a full tower of some sort, still researching. I would like a clean, classy, stealthy case with a lot of 5.25 bays, as I will be needing more. Any suggestions here?

I will also be doing some overclocking, stay tuned for that!

And, as always, thanks for reading guys, make sure to give me some feedback and suggestions biggrin.gif

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An SSD is still blazing fast compared to an HDD on Sata 2. I put one in a laptop I gave my wife and she definitely noticed the speed increase. Even though it only has a dual core 2.0Ghz AMD E300, she says it runs a lot better. Until she downloaded a program that installed a million other programs. I'm still working with her to get to understand how to use a computer properly...

If you want a recommendation, I mainly use two drives in my builds unless I get a crazy awesome deal. The Samsung 840 Pro and the Kingston HyperX 3k. The Samsung 840 EVO is also a good option.

The Kingston HyperX I suggest to people who want an upgrade to make their computer a lot faster, but don't really have the funds or need for an 840 Pro. The EVO is kinda the middle ground. Not as good build quality as the Pro, but almost as fast. 3 year warranty vs the 5 year on the Pro, and some other differences.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that PSU is known to be Sub-par. I doubt you will be able to overclock that much with it. Considering the lower TDP of the 660, you might be able to get a little bit more out of it, but don't expect miracles.
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