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I've been thinking of going with an Evo for an SSD.

And even if the CX600M isn't the greatest psu, it's still better than the 460W Cooler Master I had. Not to mention I got it for free as well. Plus, he's talking about building a pc, so if/when i upgrade, I'll just give him the 600 back.
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Successfully overclocked to 3.374 ghz
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So, I decided to try my hand at a little modding while at school tonight.

My friend recently gave me a 140mm fan, so I stuck it on the side of my case. Well the mesh was causing it to sound like an airplane, and I didn't like that at all. So, I figured since I don't have any small children or pets, to get rid of the mesh. So this is how it went:

Got the tin snips out at first, and cut the mesh out.

And after some filing/sanding/smoothing, here we are:

Now, it doesn't make a peep, plus more airflow. Only concern is dust, but that's temporary, as I can just blow it all out every once and awhile. Plus, my room isn't that dusty. It also needs a little paint touch up, but a whole case respray is in order once I get everything cut/modded the way I want it to. Thinking of using Plast Dip.

One of my drives recently failed me, my 2nd Western Digital drive now. So, as I'm hurting for disk space, when I get paid tomorrow, I'm picking up a new 1TB or 2TB drive this weekend.

Also contacted an NZXT Rep about getting ahold of a Source 220 front panel, curious as to how much better airflow the mesh front will give me. Plus, it looks pretty awesome imo.

Thanks for looking!
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Welp, no hard drive for me. Paycheck was lacking .-.
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So, I've got some random pictures for you, still not the greatest quality, but decent, nonetheless.

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I come... With an Update! (And better pics!)

So, my generous mother, being the generous mother that she is, bought me 2 140mm fans today. They were $10 each, and figured why not. They are "no name", but the appear to be Yate Loons.

I also got my uncle's old iPhone to use as an iPod, and that takes pictures waaayyy better than my actual phone. So enjoy! (Pardon the crappy lighting, dark out and inside of a basement ._. )

In the package


De stickered:

Installed up top in place of the 120's:

Some random shots while I had the side panel off:

Placed one of the 120's up top down to the bottom, as my 660 was getting a little warm

Cable Management:

All buttoned up and ready to go!

The Verdict:

The new fans do alright. A bit quieter, but they can only be turned on fully, or turned down fully, as they make a squeaking noise any speed in between.

What's coming up? Hopefully something substantial, as I'm saving my pennies towards future improvements biggrin.gif

Hope you enjoyed thumb.gif
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Dat dust doh.
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Originally Posted by jameyscott View Post

Dat dust doh.
Yeah, I need to take care of that soon. It will meet the air compressor soon enough.
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More pics, just playing around with some lighting, if anyone cares to see.

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It's update time! biggrin.gif

What could be in this mysterious box...

Odd packaging...

An anti static bag...?

Oh that's what it is... biggrin.gif

Why hello there...

All the storage I'll need... For now at least...

So I bought that a few days ago. Windows is reformatted and all of my games are reinstalled along with my old files and programs etc.

Results? A lot faster, even though it's only running off of a SATA II interface. Everything opens instantly, even right after logging in. I plan on picking up a SATA III PCI-E x1 controller later in the week.

I'll get some overall pics done later after Christmas, as I think I'm getting some goodies for ye old Larry this year biggrin.gif

Case mod wise, I'm also purchasing this and removing the stock drive cage later on, either this week or next week, depending on when I get it shipped in.

Oh, also bought this today, and holy crap, one of the best purchase I've made. Worth every penny of the $60 I paid.

Hope you enjoyed!
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