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[Planning Help] First WC Loop; Switch 810

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First of all I want to apologize for not being able to do this all on my own. There is so much information on here that I could, but sadly I don't have the time to sit down and read/watch it all as of yet.

So after a few months of looking over all sorts of parts I finally figured out what I wanted, then I watched a bunch of tutorials and decided I wanted to do an actual watercooled build and that just messed things up... Let's start off with a few things. One, I won't be building till mid November to early December, two, my list of parts as is:

My initial goal.
What it will probably end up at the end of its life.
(Questions on this later in the post)

And 3 the graphics cards with most likely be looked at again since, you know, water cooled.

Parts are bound to be swapped out in this case eventually, but the chances are it won't happen until the cpu socket is ancient history. So with that I've convinced myself to do a black/minimal red theme. I haven't quite figured out colors for all the tubing/coolant and sleeves yest, but it doesn't really matter as of yet since I won't be building until December-ish.

Now for the water cooling, which I have no real knowledge on. First off a general idea for you guys. I want to be running a CPU + 2 GPU. I will be overclocking the CPU to no more than ~4.5 ghz for daily use, and maybe higher one day out of its life for my ego. As for the 770. I probably will leave it stock. Or them if it happens to be tax season.

What else?.... 60% of this is aesthetics, 40% functionality. Computer will be a gaming/rendering rig. I want to have a reservoir, not a t-line (I believe that is the correct term).

I was planning a 360 rad up top with push/pull or pull exhausting. As I learned from Tiny Tom Logan I can't do a 60mm with push/pull because of the heatsink on my motherboard. Then I want to do a 240 push/pull in the bottom. The psu and radiator will be covered with aluminum if I ever get around to it.

Some things I've been looking at are radiators form XSPC, and most recently full cover gpu blocks.


And now for actual questions, cooling first.

What pump and reservoir do you guys suggest? I'm open to bay, although the look hasn't grown on me yet.
How thick of radiators should I get for what I want to achieve?
Who should I get the radiators from? I want quality, but don't need the best/most expensive.

Hardware second,
Is there any real advantage to a SLI 4GB 770 for me? One particular game I have in mind uses 8192x8192 texture/height maps and is just starting there.
Or should I just SLI 2GB 770s?
Or should I just buy one 780? Although I heard the performance increase wasn't worth the price over the 770.

Last but not least. How in the world can I tell what 770s are reference design?

Forgot one thing. Is a 750 watt psu going to be enough to power this all? I'll probably look at Corsair/Seasonic/That_One_List_In_The_PSU_Section.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions and hopefully keeping the whole thing under $3000, minus the second graphics card.
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Had a bit more time today to look over the 360 rad. I'v settled on doing an XSPC RX360 with Scythe GT 1850's pulling. As for the bottom rad I'll probably do an RX240 running Push/Pull with GT's. Next onto looking at blocks for the CPU and GPU.

Took some more time today to look at waterblocks. This was a whole lot easier. I settled on one of two things. Either an EVGA 02G-P4-2774-KR with a EK-FC770 GTX - Acetal & EK-FC770 GTX GW Backplate - Black

or an EVGA 04G-P4-3779-KR

After a quick reply from the developers of a certain game I have decided to go with the 2774 and water cool it with the EK kit. SLI may come now, or after tax returns.

Done a little bit more and decided on the Raystorm waterblock instead of a few from EK. It all came down to the look in the end.

Next up. Reservoir/Pump.
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