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No Clue what to look for or to buy.

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Hey guys,

It has been a while since I've posted on overclock.net, but I'm sitting here with a burning question and it is hard to figure it out in one of these threads or stickies. redface.gif

Right now I have a 5 year old Samsung Syncmaster 2053BW with these specs:


So I'm looking for something new and I know that one of my friends has a BenQ XL2420T and it looks really nice but he has not done anything about calibration or something so it is just out of the box settings. Now I've read something about calibration but I really don't know how to do it and what it exactly does so I'm not sure if I should buy a monitor that requires calibration I believe the monitors that require calibration are IPS monitors?

For now I really like the Asus VG248QE because it just looks really nice (nicer than a BenQ) but many people say that this one requires calibration.

In the end I'm looking for something to replace my old Samsung Syncmaster and I think I want this:

Use for: Gaming, Browsing, Watch movies, Connect PS3
Resolution: 1980x1080
Response Time: 2ms or lower
Refresh rate: 120hz or 60hz?? (any advice?)

Thanks in forward!
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Okay, here we go...

120hz will only benefit you if you are seeing screen tearing with with vsync off on a 60hz monitor. 120hz is not magically better unless you can actually run at higher frames, and if you can, it is soooo beautiful so fluid and nice. Especially with the lightboost hack.

The ASUS does require calibration to make the colors look better. There is some free calibration software, but if you want truer to life colors then you will need a paid calibration software. However, you can download an ICC profile and get passed this. It is still better to calibrate it at a hardware level. I.E. the buttons at the bottom of the monitor that control contrast, hue, brightness, etc.

I personally own this monitor and will be picking up two more for portrait surround mode.

IPS monitors are not the only ones that can be calibrated, any monitor can be calibrated. The ASUS VG248 is a TN panel which in some IPS users eyes is just horrible. TN panel users complain that IPS monitors have horrible input lag and response time. What works for you is just personal preference. I personally prefer TN panels because of Lightboost hack and 120hz. Some IPS panels can be overclocked to 120Hz, but that is a different subject entirely.
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So if I buy a Asus VG248QE, and download a ICC profile I can actually be fine and improve a lot? I don't really need the exact colors for photoshop or something just a monitor I can rely on all the time, because I also read that it is required to update your ICC profile? or calibrate once in a while? How can I do that without the hardware?
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You'd be "fine" with stock colors. However, if you are willing to spend that much on a monitor, you should properly calibrate it.

You don't need hardware the monitor has the buttons at the bottom to change all of the color settings. You should run the software to calibrate a monitor every once in awhile just to keep it up to date.
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Hmm oke I understand

I checked for these monitors and they look interesting and are from different price range and specs, I'm really a newbie with these monitor specs can anybody tell me what to look at and what the real difference is?

- €180.- BenQ RL2455HM (not many reviews): http://www.asus.com/Monitors_Projectors/VG248QE/#specifications
- €310.- Asus VG248QE: http://www.asus.com/Monitors_Projectors/VG248QE/#specifications
- €190.- iiyama E2473HS: http://www.iiyama.com/gb_en/products/prolite-e2473hs-1/
- €190.- Asus VS248H: https://www.asus.com/Monitors_Projectors/VS248H/#specifications

Right now I think the BenQ RL or the Asus VS248H are the best for me because I think the price/quality is better but I'm not sure. I really like the VG248QE but it is just so expensive and I'm not sure if I need this. Can anybody help me decide it is so hard right now.
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I also own a Benq RL2450HT which is basically the same thing as the Benq you posted. It is a fantastic monitor. I still prefer my ASUS, though. If you have a place to go out and test them that would be your best bet. I can definiltely feel the difference between the two.

I have very bad eyestrain/migraines and the ASUS is so much more fluid that my eyes stay open (I normal squint at screens), compared to my Benq. That's just me though. Nothing wrong with either monitor.

The other two I have no experience with, so I can't comment on those. Although, I've never heard of iiyama, but Benq and ASUS are really good quality brands.
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And what about a BenQ XL2411T, this one has a super nice price and I may be able to get the latest flicker free version (9H.L9SLB.DBE.).

Is this monitor overall better price/quality versus the Asus VG248QE??
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They have the same exact panel. The only difference is the brand and type of matte coating they use.
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