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Micro Air Bubbles or Soapy Foam??

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I took apart my look to remove my GPU block and to test a Pump/Res Combo that a follow OCN member gave me. I used a tube to test it briefly. I doubt the water even went around once fully before I turned it off. I then put the tube in my loop to replace the section where the GPU block was.

I then began filling the loop to replace the water I lost.. I had distilled water in it and I didnt drain it completely.. I put some new distilled water back but noticed the whole thing was turning like a soapy white. I stopped the loop and say what look like some foam.. Thought maybe it air bubbles.. I continued to fill it after turning it off for a bit.. While off the white foam disappears but reappears when the loop is running.. So I currently trying to fill it all to see if maybe its just a huge amount of micro bubbles..

I took a few pictures but its really hard to tell.. this was when the loop was off.. But when its running its pretty cloudy.. I dont really have the time to drain the whole thing and since it all out.. and replace the tubing.. I highly doubt the OCN member who gave me the res would of used soap to clean it.. They have several loops and seems to be pretty smart so I doubt thats it..

What do you guys think? It is possible its all micro air bubbles and it will clear out once they work themselves out.. Or is it possible its a soapy foam? I dont want to damage any parts... It will be a few months before I have a weekend to rip down my whole loop and clean everything out properly..

The pictures do not do the problem justice..

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The most likely scenario is that the pump is sucking air from the reservoir. There are several ways to fix this:

1) Slowing the water flow (pump does not suck air from the reservoir).
2) Fill reservoir completely (no air so pump cannot suck it)
3) Use a different style reservoir that work with higher flow.
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