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Headset: eDimensional AudioFX Pro 5.1
Sound chip/card: CM10864

I was wondering what the best settings would be for this specific or USB headsets in general that come with a sound card of their own and virtual surround technology. I know that USB headsets, especially with virtual surround support are considered inferior to regular jacked ones. But I still want to set it up to perform best for listening purposes both for music and gaming.

The software provides me with the main options to (

- Determine the audio source information (2/4/6/8 channels)
- Enable or disable 7.1 virtual surround
- Choose between between "Headset" or "2 Speakers"
- Regulate polling rate and bit depth
- Activate digital S/PDIF Output (PCM)

Should I use the drivers and software or just stick to Windows' generic drivers and use standard sound configuration? If using the drivers and software is recommended for these headsets, what settings are the best - is emulating standard stereo headsets by using 2 channels, disabling virtual surround and digital output the way to go or is multi-channel audio and/or virtual surround worthwhile? What about any on-board or external sound cards, should they be deactivated to make sure they are not interferring with the audio signal?