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My PC:

Core i5 3570k 3.4 (Stock)
Corsair H80i
Mother Asrock exteme 6
Psu cooler master GX 750W
Ram 8GB Corsair Value Select 4x2GB
Hard Disc Drive 500GB

Good evening friends, I have a serious problem with my MSI GTX 760 twin Frozr ... I arrived yesterday and have played but not exactly anything that sticks it goes blue screen, which I had spent with my previous card, Radeon HD 6950 2GB (I'm from Venezuela and buy from amazon)

I go to play Medal of Honor (Original of origin) and the menu goes well then I'll start playing online and stick 2 seconds and then off again and goes to blue screen with Bournaut paradise (also added) I'm playing about 5 min and automatically switches to blue screen again after I tried crysis 2 be a set of Nvidia but even that, spent 30 seconds to play and pass the blue screen, but the strange thing is that with games that do not ask for much as games simple as FIFA 13 and FIFA 14 (DEMO) but are stuck out screenshots and can play ... A who is this? I have the 320.18 drivers that brings, I used to update it to the new (320.49) but spent this and thinking it was the driver use the one that brings the CD again, my pc is new and I literally spent it with radeon hd 6950, that they were drivers or what? (EYE AND I TESTED THE DRIVERS 320.18, 320.49 and 327.23 NEW AND NOT FIX ANYTHING.) Pass with all games. (And also reset the windows 7 utlimate 64 bits)

Someone told me something about VBIOS, the bios of the video card... Anyone know about that?

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