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First things first. This will have some very minor spoilers. I'm only up to about 20% played though so not to many. If you wish to see zero spoilers please exit thread now

Am I the only one that doesn't think all the GTA5 characters are as horrible as people say? Seriously every single review has said these guys are just flat evil and have no remorse for anything. They say unlike previous characters they were not pushed into violence that they just do evil things to people for no reason.

Now I will admit I am not very far into this game at all. Seriously only 20%. So I'm sure there is plenty of time for their evil to show. However I still don't think they are any worse then Niko from GTA4.

Case in point (and here is a very light spoiler from super early in the game) on one of the very first repo missions with Franklin he gets mad at Lamar for shooting the thugs when you go to repo the bike. In fact it seems like most of the time he even wants to avoid violence at the start. This guy didn't even want to run from the cops on the very first mission of his in the game where you repo the two cars..

Michael also at the start is trying to deal with not commiting crimes. In fact the ONLY reason (spoiler ahead) he gets back into it is b/c some big time cartel leader is going to kill him if he doesn't pay him 2.5 million. Granted that was his fault for pulling down that house but it's not exactly like he had zero reason for doing it.

My point is, even IF they get crazy horrible later on they will have all (except for the one crazy guy) started off in game as someone very close to Niko. Just trying to get by. One thing happens and all the sudden they are caught up in the game and just slowly start to turn worse. I dunno, I guess I just think it's alittle crazy reviewers are acting like these guys are any worse then previous GTA characters.