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Day 10: 12th September 2013, Thursday

Today, I collected my side panel from “Shepard”, looking at that piece of beautiful art. I couldn’t wait any longer to start my painting. Let’s hope that there will be no rainy day this week. Removing all the acrylic parts from the side panel, I’d to make sure that they are very well kept. I have to go out to buy the needed painting materials later. I’m going to use the color of “Jeep Cherokee” green (Midnight Forest Green II) as my main color for the interior and the exterior , while simple flat black color for the orange trims of the Phantom 410. All the plastic parts inside the casing will be remain untouched, that is because it came in black color, good enough to match the color theme of black and green.

The self-designed custom side panel. It loaded with bullet holes and battle scars. See the bolt and nuts that secured the acrylic windows? That’s what I was talking about few days ago. For some, it may be ugly, but for me, it is rugged looking.

Day 11: 14th September 2013, Saturday

Ok, let’s start to work again. It was a good day for my painting. I bought myself a matte finished car paint that being used by Jeep Cherokee. The Midnight Forest Green II. Great color matching for my military themed built. Because the pictures of the painting were so many, I’ll just post the finished products only.

Look at them!! It is dark green but it shines when I put under the sunlight.

The black parts or areas of Phantom 410 were painted to Midnight Forest Green II while the orange parts were painted to flat black. Personally I think they are gorgeous, what say you?

This is the closer look of the painting. Metallic-matte finishing, it looked like metallic paint but in fact they were matte. Please look at the following pictures for more details.

The front 5.25” door had been installed back with the flat black back cover.

The dark green and the flat black combination, they are not high in contrast.

The opening mechanism has been installed. I just noticed that I made a mistake on the hole located at last column last row, damn!!! It was a huge mistake by me!!!

I did some final touch-up before the installation

I wanted to make sure no visible orange color anymore, so, another round of painting. That’s it for today, installation will be started by tomorrow.

Day 12: 15th September 2013, Sunday

Before I started my installation today, I remembered that I have to drill 4 holes on the removable HDD cage bracket to secure my third HDD. I did some measurement and drilling to solve the problem for my third HDD.

Alive With Adrenaline™
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The plastic cover will be mounted back to its original place, just with another HDD on top of it. The HDD can be removed easily if I decided to use back the removable HDD cage one day in the future, as the original mounting was not altered. Look at the following picture so that you can understand what I talking about the third HDD mounting.

The clearance between the radiator and the third HDD is only 1.2mm measured by a precision caliper. Thanks NZXT for not making the plastic cover 1.2mm thicker. 

Ok, let’s begin the installation!! First of all, I made sure only black screws will be used for my project, and thanks again to NZXT for providing black screws only with the Phantom 410. The NZXT Premium Cable Starter Kit has good quality too, furthermore, they are all black!! Why not sleeve them to black and green? No, because the color of the sleeves will expose the cables too much. I preferred to make them all in black.

The first step for my installation was put back all the removed cages. The first one was the riveted HDD cage and the second one was the 5.25” cage. But I did not use rivet to secure them, but I chose to use screws and motherboard stand-off to complete the task. The reason for me to do so was I wanted them to be removed again easily for the next upgrade. Motherboard stand-off is bigger to hold than a nut, for those hard-to-reach places, they worked perfectly.
I used those that are shorter one so it has no issue clearing the casing height.

The 5.25” area with motherboard stand-off on original places

Alright, done securing the removed parts, I started my installation.

I had issue during the second step, the motherboard installation. The Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3 motherboard is a XL-ATX motherboard, Phantom 410 supported XL-ATX but it blocked the exit of both 24-pin ATX power cable as well as the 6+8-pin PCIE power cables. So, before I install the motherboard, I have to make sure all the 3 cables are inside the casing. See what I mean?

After done with the motherboard installation, on the third step, I installed my “unlocked & unleashed” Core i7-3770K into the processor socket. Then, I spread a thin layer of Coolaboratory Liquid Ultra onto the lapped IHS and left them aside, then I proceeded to step four, measuring the tube for my Swiftech H220.

First thing to do in step four, was to drain the Swiftech H220, because the cooler is new one, I took a super clean water bottle and kept the coolant and reuse later. The coolant that came with the Swiftech H220 is slightly oily and light blue in color.

The coolant was around 350ML only. After that, I put in the new Premochill Premoflex Advanced LRT white tube for the inlet and NuclearTec UV Green Extreme tube for the outlet. I wanted the white one to be longer at first but the flexibility of Premoflex was not that good compared to NuclearTec one. So it might hit my Thermalright HR07 ram cooler with its poor flexibility.

The water block has been twisted 90° anti-clockwise to clear the barb fitting, if not, the inlet clamp will hit the ram cooler. After measurement, I assembled back everything and proceed to leak test. Leak test sometimes is quite risky, so I just installed the processor, the ram and the motherboard for the testing. See what I mean about the flexibility of Premoflex? The quality of Premoflex is superb compared to NuclearTec, solid and beautiful.

Great, both of the tubes cleared the ram nicely, and no problem occurred during the leak test. During the testing, I refilled the coolant slowly and bleed the air out from the loop. The tubes were much shorter than the original one, therefore, I had a bit of the coolant left from the refill. I left the rig running for 30 minutes and I put back all the plastic parts for the front and top plastic panels.

Ok, grill and intake and all the trims have been fixed back to its original place. Alright, time to go back, will continue tomorrow.

Alive With Adrenaline™
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Day 13: 16th September 2013, Monday

I came to my store room 5.30A.M. in the morning to continue where I stopped yesterday. In step five, I installed the Asus GeForce GTX680 Direct CU-II into the first 16x PCIE lane, and double check everything before I close the top metal panel.

So this is the bird view of my project. Next, step six, front intake fans installation. Four fans sandwiched the H220 radiator, while I need another fan to cool down the HDD area. Intake, anyone?

Three HDDs will be cooled by a single fan, it sounds enough but the one located at the center of the fan will receive less air than others. I put the less heat generated Hitachi Deskstar 2TB at the middle while WD Green and Black on top and bottom respectively. The WD Green 1TB is the cheapest and slowest one, so I placed it just 1.2mm under the radiator, in case the plastic of the Sickleflow broken and the radiator fall down. 

Ok, after fans installation done, I wanted to try the fitting of my custom drilled intake hole. Let’s see how well it can be fitted.

Is it awesome? For me, yes!!! Move on to step seven, sound card and PCIE WIFI + Bluetooth card installation. Just a simple step, done within a minute, and generally I left only cable management. The last and the hardest part of the entire project

Last step, step eight, cable management
My requirement was only 24-pin, ATX and PCIE cables can be seen in the casing, the rest must be hidden. Although only two PCIE cables and one SATA cable connected to the power supply unit, but still I wanted to hide them
I came across with an idea, a simple PSU cover. I got myself a piece of hard art card in green and black color. I just wanted to make something like this.

The art box must be able to clear the front USB 3.0 header connected to the motherboard as well as the metal popping out from the HDD cage. I did some measurement and cut them precisely because the art card can be damaged easily.

After 3 trials and errors, finally I got myself a perfect one, it can be fitted firmly at the PSU area. The bottom right hand side is to clear the metal bar that popping out from the HDD cage.

It was not flat as I had to clear the USB 3.0 fat cable. But it is good enough for me.

Next, SATA cables area, actually it is fan shroud instead of cable hiding purpose, I made this shroud to guide the air into the display card area instead of blowing into the back of the casing.

Closer look on the 1.2mm clearance between the radiator and the HDD, as well as the SATA cables.

PSU and motherboard bottom area.

Alive With Adrenaline™
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Processor , RAM and display card area.

I had to attend a wedding dinner tonight and I’ll continue tomorrow.

Day 14: 17th September 2013
The wait is over!!! (With camera flash to show the cables)

Black sleeves are cool, they are almost invisible when the PC is not running.

The black frame of the Sickleflow restricted the brightness of the green LED. Can you see my cables?

Side naked view without final touch-up

Removed all the protective plastic sheets of the side panel

Front intake view

Side view with bright room

Reflection of acrylic

The remote controller is actually outside the casing, just reflection.

Alive With Adrenaline™
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Brightness of inside without side panel

Brightness of inside with side panel

Flash on!!!

Flash off!!!

Alone in the dark!!

The carving of the Project's name

Alive With Adrenaline™
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New Fountain Engineering
36-F, Lorong Singgora, 10150, Penang
Thanks for provided me all the cutting and drilling machines.

Elite Tuition Centre
30, Lorong Singgora, 10150, Penang
Thanks for provided me a store room for free of charge

Line Cut Hair Saloon
Block 5, G-8, Taman Seri Damai, L/Raya Batu Lanchang, 11600, Penang
Thanks for bearing the entire postage fee for my items with your company account.

Kent Tek a.k.a “[@ktek]”
My personal computer guru
What can I say about this guy? To be honest, ktek was the one who taught me everything about computer hardware installation, overclocking, and windows installation and tweaking. Without him, I wouldn’t be a PC freak and this project would never be a reality. I owe my deepest gratitude to my guru, Kent Tek, for his continued support and valuable guidance throughout all stages of the project. KT, seriously, you have no idea how much I thank you, and involved me into the world of PC 7 years ago. But again, thank you, very very much… I hope you read this. 

Kevin Owi a.k.a “[@owikh84]”
The greatest overclocker in Penang
Kevin, thanks for helping me a lot in the project. Sorry to disturb you most of the time when you were busy. Your valuable experience and knowledge helped me a lot when choosing the suitable hardware. Thanks for your recommendation for the Swiftech H220 and Liquid Ultra, as well as bleeding the radiator.

Kelvin Chen a.k.a “[@kelvinchen]”
The hardcore memory tweaker in Penang
Kelvin, thanks for helping me a lot in this project too. You’ve given a lot of patience to me when I was asking about the RAM selection. And also, I’d like to thank you for offering me flashing the BIOS of my GTX680, you really made me “Game Harder!!” with my monster card now.

Mohd Fadli a.k.a “[@shepard]”
Shepard, thanks for making me the gorgeous side panel. Sorry for requested this and that during that stage. But once again you’ve proven your skills. To all friends, Shepard can be contacted via the details above, he is accepting all possible and impossible orders, you name it, and he’ll do it. You can see some of his works in his thread here:

Link 1

Link 2

If you want to get special price, please let him know that I recommended you, or you’ve read the work log of Poison-Ivy™. He is a nice guy, but please, no more Jokerman font carving. Well, Shepard, you know what I mean? biggrin.gif

Again, it took me 14 working days to get this done, thanks everyone for your time reading this.

Alive With Adrenaline™
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Thank you for your time reading this work log, hope my ideas can help you building a rig with Phantom 410.
Please do give me a credit if my ideas inspire you biggrin.gif

For more high resolution images, you can click here


Alive With Adrenaline™
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Excellent craftsmanship!!!
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Great work. Love the fact, that you actually shot the heck out of the case side panel. gunner2.gif
Not the biggest fan of the font used for the writing and would prefer the green tubing to be a bit darker,
but overall it looks awesome. Big fan of army green n such. Awesome! Keep up the good work. thumb.gif
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Intel Core i3 2370M @ 2.4GHz Lenovo Intel HD Graphics 3000 Kingston HyperX Impact 8GB 
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SanDisk Ultra II 480GB Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit LCD 1366x768 
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