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I've built this system in '07 originally with a dual core c2d 2.4 mhz, over the years it received a new processor, new psu, ssd, and it's latest video card gtx 460, about three years ago. It's holding up ok, I can play the latest games on lower/mid settings just fine.

I just bought a new ssd, 480gb to replace an old 60gb os only drive, before I go ahead with an install I've been thinking of building a new rig.

I see two options for myself:

1) Build a new haswell system, use the old gtx 460 in sli mode with a second gtx 460 (I have a 2nd card) to offset the cost of mobo, cpu, ram (about $600-700). My current mobo doesn't have a second pci slot for a video card so that's not an option, otherwise I would do that to my current setup for another year.

2) Buy a new video card and try to buy some old ram on ebay to get 4 x 2gb set.

Concerns with options 2 are whether the old processor will act as a bottle neck for a newer card, e.g., GTX 770.

I'm looking for any feedback on how to proceed and nay other suggestions are welcome.
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