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i already edited the msi afterburner cfg file to unlock everything that i can along with editing the ulps registry to 0.... still cant get core voltage unlocked.... i heard also that power limit unlock was only for nvidia cards.... my core clock is 803 (stock 600) and memory clock is 1072 (stock 900) everything is stable right now and im getting pretty good fps on borderlands 2 (ultra) , tomb raider (normal) , DMC (ultra)....and maximum temp for gpu was like 72C(and i haven't even gotten a cooling pad yet).... Note : this is the first time i ever overclocked anything but i read everything on this card and afterburner, i am very pleased with the results as i saw a 30% performance increase with no artifacts......

i do know also that messing with voltage is dangerous but i am willing to learn much more on it and will probably be doing it in small increments...

what programs should i use for core voltage or is there a possible way to just use afterburner to mess with it????

if this is in the wrong thread please move it.
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