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*WEIRD* computer boots by itself (non-BIOS related)

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Might as well post in this topic here:

My rig (see down below) Boots on it's own at random. For the last month, it happened 5-6 times approximately.

In the BIOS, all WAKE-ON features are disabled.

Is it possible that the power button is defective? Is it possible that I connected the power button the wrong way on the header?

Case: Cooler master ATCS 840 (I own it for a few years and it's the 3rd build in it).

I use the "speed connect" for case buttons (power,reset, hdd activity and else)...

something like this:

any ideas?
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I had this same problem, and it turned out to be the "wake capabilities" settings in the network adapter properties. I'd check your settings in there. It seems to keep settings independant of the BIOS.
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Ref the network adapt, I'll look into it! Are you talking about "within Window" settings?

My network adapter is Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-V.....

I had Wake-on MAGIC PACKET and PATTERN MATCH both checked....I uncheck both...Is that right? Those functions are there to WAKE from SLEEP or HIBERNATION, not to power up completely the computer isn't it?

I have both sleep and hibernation disabled (running SSDs).

Right now, the "power SW" cable from the power button has a red and a black wire. The red is set as the + and the black as the neutral...

anything else?
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yup, the magic packet and pattern match sound about right - just disable that. That was what was starting my machine, even with the BIOS set for no wake events.

As for the switch wire, it doesn't really matter what way around it goes. As its a switch, its just connecting or disconnecting. So it doesn't matter what way switch wires go. The only time it matters is with polarised stuff like LEDs and devices. The current needs to flow a certain way for them to work, so then the wire positions become important. Usually the white or black wire is negative, and the coloured wire positive in these cases. smile.gif
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