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SLI 770 Vs. 780 and how HD 9970 will affect it.

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So I have about $1,300 for this build, originally I was planning on using these, which on newegg comes to about $1,300:

Case: Cooler Master N600
HDD: 1TB Blue
GPU: Gigabyte WIndforce GTX 770
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR3 2x8GB 1866MHz
CPU: i5-3570k
CPU Cooler: Hyper 212 EVO
Display: 1 SINGLE 1080p Monitor

I had a 1000 watt bronze certified (unused) that I was going to use for this build. I planned on saving for a few more months and getting another gigabyte 770 and putting them in a SLI configuration and upgrading the CPU to an i7-3770k and upgrading to a H100i or some other all in one CPU water cooler. I am going to order 1 Cooler Master Jetflo R4-JFDP-20PB-R1 120mm and test the noise level, I am very tempted to use these fans because it draws 95 CFM and only costs 10 bucks a pop. If It was too loud for my taste(which I highly doubt, I can remain fully immersed in 720P with other people watching TV loudly in the same room) I would go with a silent fan that draws 40 CFM. I am planning to fill the case (in all of the fan slots) with those models, (with the respective 240mm models in the 240mm slots) If i disliked the noise level of the fan I was going to put it on the EVO, It would make the leased noise there(I think) because it would be attached to the EVO which would be attached to the motherboard which would be attached to the case. To digress some more, does anybody know if the fan connectors have changed since the early 2000's? my last desktop is an only one with a Sempron 3400+(I have had laptops ever since them) and If the fan connectors have changed I would need to test it some how else. But the bottom line is I plan on having a TON of airflow in my case and was planning on taking the 770's as far as they would go but did not know if I would run out of power before I hit other overclocking obstacles such as temperature or voltage. Also if the power was not significant for 2 overclocked 770's would 1 super overclocked 780 work better? also should I wait a couple months until I have enough spending money for the 780 and i7-3770k + the H100i or whatever I end up getting, I ask this because I would also know how the 9000 series of GPU's from AMD would effect the 780's price. As well In the far future where a very overclocked 780 is not sufficient for gaming I would be able to pick up another one for god knows maybe 400 bucks at that time and SLI them. I would have to run both at slower clock speeds then I need too but It would work. Oh ya and If I have not mentioned it already I plan on taking the 3570k and 3770k as far as I can take them as well, I may end up deliding, we shall see if I need it. So I am looking for other people's opinions on how I should do It, My gut is saying to wait until I have the money and know how the 9000 Series affects the price but anybody else that has more knowlege then me on this subject could give some insight.

If I missed anything just reply and I will find out.
All input appreciated
Thanks Guys.
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Might as well stay the course my man.
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