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Merlin ST-10 Questions ... several ...

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Hi all,

1. Can I mount drive cages to a MAC-162 120.3 Flex-Bay Radiator Mount? If so, which drive bay accessory should I use? I want to be able to use the front bays to mount drives and/or radiators as my needs change and without having to buy more hardware than I need. If this arrangement will not work, what would you suggest? Obviously, the fans have to be there to cool case components.

2. Is there a horizontal Accessory Bar for the ST10 like the MAC-325 Accessory Mount - Vertical (ST10)? If so, what is its MAC number? Nevermind. I just found the entry for the MAC-293 Horizontal Accessory Bar. Seems like the same bar fits both the SM-8 and the ST-10.

3. Can I mount an Accessory Bar to the back (cable) side of an ST-10 case?

4. Nevermind. This question was going to be about extended top covers and I found the answer on the Case Labs web site. The same 120mm top I would need to mount a second 120.4 x 86mm Monsta radiator fits both the SM-8 and the ST-10.

Which is why, folks, the Case Labs engineers deliberately left 45mm of room between the top of the case and the upper PSU opening. The room gives me the option of mounting a 120.4 x 86mm thick radiator outside the case by locating one set of push-pull fans inside the case and the locating the radiator and remaining fans inside a 120mm extended top cover. Sneaky, these guys are ... smile.gif

Thanks everyone ...

P.S. The SM-8 gamer build is going very well which is why I am looking at an ST-10 case for my workstation/software development platform. The SM-8 case not only holds two 86mm Alphacool Monsta radiators (480mm and 240mm) in a push-pull configuration but it also swallows my very tall EVGA 780 GTX Hydro Cool Classified graphics card with ease thanks to its motherboard mounting tray. Although the card is slightly longer than the motherboard tray in the SM-8, the surprising dimension is that the card stands an easy 25mm taller than its PCI mounting bracket. Try to get a screwdriver around the latter dimension in a 900D case ... not gonna be an easy fit, that one is.
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@sentinel: thanks for the unlock. I had not logged in when I submitted the post.
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1. You wont be able to mount drive cages to the 120.3 mount, but you can with the 120.2 version. The drive cages have a different spacing than a 120mm fan. take a look at the rear of the 120.2 mount

You can see that there are mounting holes for the rad/fans and then there is another set of mounting holes. These are for the drive cages.

2. The MAC-293 works horizontally and vertically on the SM8. On the ST10 it only works horizontally, and yes there is a specific vertical mount for the ST10.

3. Yes but there isn't room for much else.
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Thanks, Kevin, for the timely and accurate information. I love photos.

So this is what I am thinking of doing. Could you confirm that this configuration will work?

I am going to mount a push-pull Alphacool 120.4 Monsta (86mm x 480mm) radiator in the bottom of the ST-10 case to cool a 4930K and an EVGA 780 GTX Hydro Cool Classified. If I need more cooling, I am going to mount another one in the top of the case by using the 120mm extended top accessory (same rig as in my SM8-X build).

That leaves me with 120.3 Flex-Bay openings, I think, to fill with "stuff". Is that correct? If so, then can I mount a 120.1 Flex-Bay drive mount and a 120.2 radiator mount plus two drive bay accessory mounts in the front of the case for a total of 12 3.5" hard drive bays?

Just to be sure, because I screw up on a semi-regular basis, what is the part number of the drive bay accessory that mounts on the 120.2 radiator mount? And how deep would the radiator + drive bay mounts intrude into the case? As deep as a push-pull 86mm radiator does?

Thanks again for all the help ...
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You can mount the monsta in the bottom, no problem thumb.gif when mounting it in the top, one bank of fans would need to be in the case.

If you like pics I think this should help. The 480s are monstas by the way

To mount the 3 drive cages your going to need this drive cage and this radiator mount with two of these

I don't know the measurement, but this is a picture of a SM8 with a drive cage in the flex-bay
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Thanks, Kevin, for the nice photos. They explain clearances and options perfectly ... as usual. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into making these clear and lucid responses. I shall be placing an order for my ST-10 shortly.
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Sounds great! Glad to help biggrin.gif
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The ST-10 case has been ordered. So, naturally, I thought of another question after I ordered it.

Nevermind, I realized how silly my question was ... after I posted it ... typical me ... tongue.gif
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Ok. Now I have a serious question or issue, if you like.

I need to position a Bitspower cylindrical reservoir both vertically and horizontally within a Merlin SM8 case and also a Merlin ST10 case. I will be attaching pumps to the bottom of the cylinders.

The solution I am thinking of is to use:

1. One vertical accessory bar mount that for the case.
2. Two 120.1 radiator mounts (MAC-149) . These are the extended mounts to push the reservoir cylinder further into the center of the case.
3. Two of the Bitspower 120mm Water Tank Mount Panel (BP-120WTMP-BK) that I purchased from Frozen CPU (part# ex-rad-318).

I believe that moving the reservoir closer to the center of the case and suspending it and its pump will result in shorter, straighter tubing runs to devices and radiators plus reduce pump noise because the pump is not touching anything solid other than the reservoir.

Any ideas you all out there might have to improve on this concept would be appreciated. I have attached a photo of the SM8 case layout with the major hardware bits in place. The ST10 case layout (no photo yet) differs as the case bottom is full of 480mm Monsta radiator plus push-pull fans and the 240mm Monsta radiator has been replaced by drive bays.

Suffice it to say I really like everything about these CaseLabs cases from concept through design and manuracturing through quality and support.
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