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I have been looking for quite awhile for a monitor that fits my specs.

I want am
-IPS panel
-Next gen resolution screen
-27" - 30"
-prefer glossy screens (but haven't found any that fit my specs)
-gaming monitor, fast response

The biggest problem i have encountered so far is finding a monitor which is fast for gaming.
I guess all the specs im looking for reduce response time.

So far the two best screens i have come across at least have the same response time and hz as my current screen.

They are the
-Asus PB278Q
And the
-LG 29EA93-p
Both the monitors have a 60hz and 5ms GTG response time.
If any one got any other recommendations please advice.

So from the screens above which would be a better choice.
The LG has a res of 2560x1080 and an aspect ratio of 21/9,
which is the first screen I've seen with a cinema aspect ratio.
Which could make it awesome for gaming and movies.

On the other hand

The Asus has a resolution of 2560x1440 which seems better but it has a traditional aspect ratio of 16/9,
Which is in no way special.

So any advice.
Which would give me the est gaming/movie watching experience.
I play lots of games but i am not a hardcore gamer.
I much prefer an immersive experience which is why i think the LG may be better.
With a more cinematic display. One downside about the LG is thats its not very adjustable compared to he Asus,

Also one more awesome factor about it is that is has a very slim bezel can hardly even see it.
So if i ever decide to game in multi-monitor setups i wont be bothered by annoying bezels.

Thanks for reading this far.
So if any one has points going for either of the monitors that i missed,
or has any other good monitors in mind please recommend.
Other than the Korean monitors cause i cant ship them here.

Thanks all,
all advice greatly appreciated.