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Ok, thanks. I'll try doing that with my gpu over the weekend. Another quick question. You said that 200mm fans are pretty much worthless. should I be concerned? My main intake fan is 200mm, as is the exhaust fan on the top of my case. Do you think this is contributing to the problem?

Also, separate issue, I have this 200mm fan just sitting here, unable to be screwed in, as the size of the screws are too thin for the holes in the side of my case, and if I use the screws that are used to attach the filter to the side panel, they are too thick for the case fan's screw holes...madsmiley.png

I just don't like 200MM fans because they don't concentrate the flow very well. They also have next to no static pressure, which helps air get through things like radiators, hdd cages, etc.

Also, those idle temps are pretty high. Airflow with better fans would be your best bet.
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I don't even think it's actually possible to get different sized fans with this case. The only size it is listed for is 200mm on the front top and side.

EDIT: SCRATCH THAT. Realized I can mount two 140mm fans on the front of the case. smile.gif I'll try that. Now my only problem is that 200mm that I can't mount on the side..
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