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What is wrong with my monitor

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I do not know what is wrong technically (what to call it) wrong with my monitor, but there there are 3 "smudge" spots on my monitor which do not wipe off and they look like a spot where you press in the lcd it turns that bluish color for a sec and then fades. I only notice it when the monitor is set on black or is dark in a dark room, i don't think these are dead pixels because they show color but a "dimmed" color.




The 2nd image shows the monitor with a flash on the camera to show the surface dirt/smudges, while the 1st & 3rd image show the real underlining smudges.
So what is this called, and how to fix?
(also i sent this to Acer already who found no defect, maybe because i couldn't point it out clear enough)
Acer 1080p 24"

Is it just really dirty? or burnt out?
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Could be a "natural" blemish in one of the layers, it happens; check the warranty details, depending on the terms it might not count as being defective, especially if its not in the centre region of the panel.



Is it a recent purchase? You might be able to return it to the store you bought it from.

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Recent but not too recent, maybe about 2-3 months ago, took me awhile to really notice and then notice it wasn't a smudge

Thanks though that is very helpful and i can find other threads because of you.
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The correct term would be mura or clouding, its a manufacturing defect and not much if anything you can do about it without the risk of damaging the display. Assuming its still under warranty, you can try to get an RMA from ACER but that depends entirely on whether or not ACER's terms counts those conditions as being defective; Unfortunately, they probably aren't unless its a high-end/premium model.

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