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Try the liquid refrigeration on the warm side of the Peltier Cell:

I bought the water pump, Peltier cell, silicone hose, aluminum block, and thermometers in www.dx.com

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Wow! Your system is pretty interesting! But its not better to directly cool your loop with (as an example) a freezer chiller? Better than using an intermediate? In my rig, i got a watercooling loop with radiators and i want to have it cooled without the fans! And as i can read in few forums, if you dont add the fan that comes with the chiller, its cooling a lot more. So my system would be fanless!
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man that's 4x speed... proc works a little faster than that, we need realtime. biggrin.gif
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I am thinking that it is posible a set up with water, radiators and fanless. The water at low presures (few miliTorr) evaporates at low temperatures, near the 0 ºC. If the air is evacuated from the refrigeration circuit with a vacuum pump, the system works at low temperatures.
That is an idea, but I can't do it because I haven't the vacuum pump, radiators, etc.

In another video, I achived in 100 seconds (real speed) a temperature of -15 ºC:

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hey that's pretty cool... I didn't understand what you were doing at first but if I see this right... you are s=using ice water on the hot side of the pelt? with intent/achievement to make the cold side lower since the hot side is ice-water cooled?

awesome1 do you have another post or write up somewhere about this? do you plan to mount that pelt to a processor...?
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