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I'm just playing around with overclocking my 7870 but I noticed something that bothers me.

First of all, this is supposed to be a 1000Mhz card, but CCC reports 925Mhz as the highest clock.
GPU-Z and Furmark reports the clock speed I manually set, but the framerate in Furmark does not improve.
Some clockspeeds seem to be bugged out as the card will automaticly throttle down to 501Mhz even when the temperatures are in the 70's. If I adjust slightly up or down, the speed will fix itself at 925Mhz again.

GPU-Z reports a current speed of 1000Mhz, Furmark does the same. AMD Overdrive and CCC reports 925Mhz.

Anyone got a clue as to what's going on?
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