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I have the Z77a-GD65 Gaming board from MSI and I love it. I'm clocked at 4.2 ghz on a i5 3570k and I've never had a problem. I'm installing a second radiator soon so that I can join the 5ghz club (hopefully). Anyways, I just really enjoyed the color scheme and I've had other MSI boards in the past with no problems. Good luck choosing though!
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Right, so I've gone ahead and bought a MSI Z77A-G43. Reason why is it's aesthetically pleasing and I won't be overclocking on it. So it has the functions I need whilst having the Z77 chipset. Plus it was £20 more than the B75 version so I thought why not. I know I didn't go for any other suggested boards because they were too expensive for just a locked processor.

If I still could of got the I7-3770K I would of went with the Gigabyte Z77 board.

Anyway as I haven't received it yet, I heard you can get the locked processors up to 4+ bins higher than the turbo frequency? Am I correct?
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