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In my laptop I have 12 GB of DDR3 1866mhz CL11 RAM. I've done a small bit of searching around and was wondering if the 1866mhz frequency is just useless for the advantage over using it at 16000mhz with a lower CAS latency.

I want to be able to push as much graphics and physics performance as ideal because i'll soon be running eyefinity, and i'll need every bit of advantage I can get it.
my BIOS lets me OC and change RAM timings and I was wondering if stepping to down to 1600mhz at JEDEC, CL10 would help it? or does the Cas Latency not work like that?
my previous system was an i7 920 d0 with 12 GB DDR3 1720mhz OC'd(up from 1600mhz) CL9, which performed well and i'm simply trying to eclipse my previous build in every way, except storage space. (which I do for GPU and CPU) I can't overclock the ram directly in this system but it will let me adjust timings so i'd like to see what I can change about the system to optimize performance.

cpu is i7 3740QM@4ghz OC'd(102.2bclk) and right now XTU is saying my ram is running at 1908mhz.

Any input? Got any suggestions on timings? This laptop is very fussy about the RAM and am wondering if I can do anything about it to improve its performance to an absolute optimal level.