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I gave a few more of those product key finder apps a go; unfortunately, none of them returned my product key (they either gave "BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB" as the result, or only offered the last 5 digits). I think this is an issue because volume licences / OEM licences aren't stored within the registry (probably so people can't distribute them around)

I ended up biting the bullet and calling Microsoft and explaining what I was trying to do, and after a few questions they gave me a product key to reinstall win7 with. I assume it's the same product key I once had, but of course I'll never know for sure.

Yeah Techie007, those precautionary steps are great tips! In the end, I ended up nuking the drive back to 0's, so I didn't have to follow through with what you detailed above, but if I had have been forced to keep my previous install, those steps would've been a lifesaver.

Cheers all for the help, +reps all around thumb.gif