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I have an i7 4771 CPU and I think that the integrated GPU is not working. In windows 7(64 bit professional) the device manager doesn't recognise the hd4600 GPU (it’s not even listed against a driver error icon, only the PCI GPU is shown); Arch Linux doesn't recognise the VGA hardware, if I "$ lspci | grep VGA" only the PCI GPU is returned. Every time I try to install the Windows VGA drivers, from the mobo driver cd or the Intel website, I get error messages saying my hardware isn't supported.

I bought the 4771 for VTx and Vtd as I want to experiment with PCI pass-through on virtual machines and without my system(s) recognising the Intel GPU I am not able to pass-through the PCI GPU. Any ideas how to get it working? Not being able to see the intel GPU is the only thing from preventing me sinking many enjoyable hours into virtualising a windows computer inside a linux host with full hardware acceleration for games. I hate rebooting for games and apps - for me the only thing MS>Linux = Games.

Mobo: Asrock Z87 Extreme 6, GPU: AMD/Gigabyte 7950, RAM: 1x8GB Corsair Ballistix Sport VLP. (Soon to be 2x8GB Corsair Ballistix Sport VLP)

[Edit] I currently have a HDMI cable connected my monitor and the AMD GPU. I tried rebooting without that cable and a normal DVI cable between the motherboard and monitor but I cannot get any display from my hd4600.

[Aside] I upgraded from a Q9450/HDD/GT8800 to i74771/SSD/AMD7950 and loving the new system. (Apart from the lack of hd4600)