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660TI reference, bricked?

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Maybe someone can help me..

Ive got this 660ti reference card, directly from nvidia, BUT, i think or its briked or it has no bios in it...

When i turn on the pc, the gpu fans starts at 100% and they keep that way.. card not detected..

Cant read bios or write because the system doesnt detect the card, i have to boot with the hd3000 gpu of the cpu..

Any help? i coudnt find any topics on this.

Thanks in advance guys.

(sorry for my english)
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nvflash should detect the card in the PCI slot. grab the reference bios from techpowerup and try to flash it. hopefully your familiar with doing that...
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Hello, thank you for your reply.. i already did that, but it says ERROR: No Nvidia displays adapter found.

I need to figure a way to reset the bios, maybe soldering two poinst like the AMD cards?, cuz the system doesnt detect the card at all, it doenst hang either so maybe its an empty bios or something to do with it.
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