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PHYS-X Card Question

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Alrighty so.. I've been using AMD video cards for a very long time.. starting with 9800 XT AGP .. moving on from there, I had a 3870x2 at one point, and jumped from that to a HD 4890, then later added a mate to it.

So history lesson aside, I've been quietly watching nvidia prices from the side-lines and finally found a good-performing card at a good price point and I'm switching to nvidia. Mainly because I want PHYS-X Effects.

My first nvidia card: EVGA GTX 560 TI 448 "FTW" (Super Overclocked edition), I just scored one off ebay for $160 with free shipping. I know it's slightly older but I need a card that will be as fast as (or faster) than my pair of HD 4890's together at general (non-PHSX) 3D games. And from the 6xx family, a card that fits that bill is $350+ used, and that's out of the budget right now.

I get another $50 spare from my pay on november the 1st so now.. my next concern of course, is what card to run "slave" to this new one as a dedicated PHYS-X card, that will be less than or equal to $50. I'm not afraid to shop used with ebay.

I did see a review on youtube how if you pick a card too old that's too slow and try to pair it with a faster card and dedicate it to PHYS-X, it can actually reduce and hinder FPS, compared to running without a phys-x card. So.. with my lack of knowledge of nvidia cards, I'm worried I might pick one too slow that would harm my whole setup.

I don't have my computer fixed up in my SIG yet, but the machine it's being run on is a 4.6 ghz i7-980x & 12GB ddr3-2400 (triple-channel).

So.. I want suggestions from you guys as to a phys-X card for less than or equal to $50 that will be powerful enough to keep up with this other nvidia card I bought. Is this too much to ask? Impossible?

I saw a 640 GT card new for $48.49. The price is right.. If that would work, then that would be perfect.
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Bad decisions everywhere, lol.
Shouldve got a gtx 760 and stopped there
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Not all of us have money to burn on the latest and greatest, just because it's new. Most people in fact generally upgrade on hardware that's 1-2 years old when the prices fall to more reasonable levels.

Besides that, all of the GTX 760's I can find for sale are half an inch too long to even physically fit in my case with my hard drives and their cables, Except.. for a Zotac card that's $275. And I don't have close to $300 to blow on a video card right now.. not to mention I'd most likely be looking at an additional $150+ for a fast enough phys-x card. And I don't have $200+ to spend on another computer case just to fit longer video cards.. that would be counter-productive to upgrading as well.

Working with my budget ($175 now for this video card upgrade), my computer case and size constraints, the card I found is the best for me right now. I'm just trying to make do and slowly upgrade over time.

I've been using my first HD 4890 since 2009.. and I only got a second one because a buddy offered me one for $40 cash in 2012.
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I was implying that you dot need a dedicated physx card and buying tech 2 generations old was silly.
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Generally speaking games don't benefit much from a dedicated PhysX card. In many cases it'll slow the games down when you run it on a dedicated card as opposed to just running it on a single decent performing GPU (or even off of the CPU).

If you can try to get a GTX 660 and do away with the other cards. It'll be powerful enough to get the effects you want and run your games at high settings if it's at 1080p.
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There's nothing as fast as, or faster than the card I bought for less than $200, even used, it doesn't exist right now. The GTX 660 is too long for my case too and I couldn't use it, either.

Actually, usually the -SMART- thing to do with technology, is wait 1-2 years for the "newness" prices to drop to more reasonable levels and then upgrade. I haven't paid brand new prices for any computer part since the 1990's when I bought a 486 packard bell.

Almost all of my friends I know upgrade on tech only when it's 2-3 years old, certainly save a lot of money that way.

The card I bought is 2 years old yes, -BUT-, It's faster as a single card than my two 4890's, it's less than $200, it fits in my case perfectly. It does everything I need and fits my budget and it's perfect.

Sigh.. I should of guessed I wouldn't get a serious answer on these forums frown.gif
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You could go for GTX 650 ti boost. As for physx, you could get a gtx 260 for quite cheap used, and run that as dedicated physx.
What resolution are you running and where are you located
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Wouldn't a new 650 Ti have been same performance for less money?

EDIT: Looked it up... nope. 560 ti 448 much faster theoretically.
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Originally Posted by deepor View Post

Wouldn't a new 650 Ti have been same performance for less money?

EDIT: Looked it up... nope. 560 ti 448 much faster theoretically.

Yep, I've been researching this a lot, there's no clear winner card that's any faster from any of the newer families for $175 or less right now.

I suppose I'll look in to a GTX-260, the price is right, but most of them are so long I don't know if they'd fit.

Would the GT 640 be too slow?
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I still don't understand why you're looking for a dedicated PhysX cards. It does more harm than good especially mixing older tech with already old tech. It really won't help you that much and PhysX is in barely any games and even then your card should handle it.

I'm surprised that you think 660s cant fit in your case, that must be QUITE the tight fit
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