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Phenom II x6 1055T Keeps Reverting Back to 3.2Ghz. HELP

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I am trying to OC a AMD Phenom II x6 1055T to 3.6-3.8 GHz on a ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO mobo. I have changed

CPU Overclocking: Manual
CPU Ratio: 14
Amd Turbo Core Tech: Disabled
CPU/HT Reference Clock 272 (to achieve a 3.6Ghz OC)
DRAm Freq: 1376
CPU/NB Fre: 2064
HT Link Spedd 2064

CPU volt: 1.38
DRAM volt 1.5

The system boots fine into windows but notice when i load CPU-Z that its reporting the clock speed is at 3.2Ghz. When i quit windows and go back to the bios the clock speed is indeed 3.2ghz despite me before changing to 3.6 and saving. Any ideas why is is happening?, i have the latest BIOS for the mobo also.

The system specs are:

Phenom II x6 1055T
Mushkin Silverline DDR3 1333. 9-9-9-24 1.5v dual memory 4GB
Asus M4A88TD-V EVO mobo
Corsair CX600 PSU
AMD 6870 1GB GPU
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Have you turned all the other power saving features off? If not, you are best to.

Also check through the BIOS for something that may reset a failed OC.
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I have left C1E and Cool N quiet enabled, as i would want the CPU to under clock when not being stressed
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Try with them Disabled, I have heard these can make it more difficult to have it stable. Personally I never encountered it though.

But do look for something about halting on all errors, by the sounds of it, you are doing the OC and it is either not being saved, or it is unstable and the BIOS is resetting.
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Yeah i have added slightly more volts now for the CPU (1.45v) or though CPU-Z is only reporting 1.385v when being stressed.

Im using OCCT for the stress test, what settings are best used for OCCT on a AMD chip, as i have only every OC'd Intel chips, and usually use the CPU: LinPack option with 64 bits, AVX capable LinPack, and 90% memory. But have notice that the CPU isnt always at 100% usage it seems to drop down to like 20% usage according to OCCT sometimes??
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Just thought 272 * 14 = 3808Mhz and at a wild guess you will need more then 1.38vCore. Considering stock voltage is 1.4v

Also the fact that under stress it is dropping its work load, means there is something throttling it. Be it the CPU or VRM's. I would put money more on the CPU though.

Truly try with all power saving things turned off, increase the vCore a bit more. Also run Memtest86on the ram, most ram will happily take some OC but not all, you may need to increase you ram voltage a bit as well.

When checking for stability, IMO you should be able to use any and all stress testing programs. Occasionally updates of the programs have glitches with chips, but these are very quickly reported.
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Ok will do. I though ideally you didnt want to go above 1.45v for the 1055t and keep the temps below 55-60c?? I have managed a 3.5HGZ OC with these settings:

CPU Overclocking: Manual
CPU Ratio: 14
Amd Turbo Core Tech: Disabled
CPU/HT Reference Clock 250 (to achieve a 3.5Ghz OC)
DRAM Freq: 1333
CPU/NB Freq: 2000
HT Link Speed: 2000
CE1: Disabled
Cool n quiet: Disabled

CPU volt: 1.40
CPU/NB Volt: 1.25
DRAM volt: 1.5

HT LInk Volt 1.8v: 1.9v

I understand that you want to keep HT Link speed at around 2000-2200mhz but can up the CPU/NB freq: to 2600-3000mhz, is that right.

I tried a 3.8Ghz OC with the same settings above apart from:

Dram freq: 1110
HT Link freq: 2200mhz
CPU/NB freq: 2600mhz
CPU volt: 1.45

but BSOD after about 10 seconds of stress test, guess id need more that 1.45v?....whats the max safe volt to be used?
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For the 1055t the rule of thumb is, 1.5v with air cooling and 1.6v with water, if you have LN2 I believe 1.8-2.0v (I wish I had it) biggrin.gif Even in stock form the chip will go up to 1.475v

Just keep an eye on your temps. Max should be 62 Celsius. It will not break your chip above that, but can become unstable, and long running periods above that are life shortening for it. mad.gif

If you can keep your HT Link speed around that 2000 mark you should be good (no to very little benefit in OC'n it) and yes OC the CPU/NB freq as close to 3000 as stable. thumb.gif (there is a thread on here showing that it is very beneficial for AMD chips)

The biggest problem with the 1055t is that you are OC'n your entire system, personally I found trying to get my ram to play the game the hardest.

If you do BSOD check in my sig, I have a table showing some helpful codes, but usually it is due to not enough vCore or ram speed / timing.
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A little NCIX video on overclocking the 1055t

Hope this helps thumb.gif
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Cheers for the help. Ill see if i can get 3.8Ghz stable

Yeah ive seen that NCIX video, but he seems to leave a lot of stuff on 'Auto' and only changes the CPU clock speed, CPU and DRAM Voltage
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