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Hi guys

I have been searching OCN for decent watercool parts, and I thnik vie come up with the best. I have put a 680 block, cpu block, pump/res combo and 2x 360 rads in (the 240mm rad is OoS otherwise it would be 1x 360 and 1x240mm). Are these parts compatible/any good?

I have a few questions:

1. What do fittings/clamps/hope clips do and what size do I need? How many?
2. What would be my temperature difference between this very expensive custom kit and a pre built XSPC RX360 750 or D5 kit?
3. What size hosing do I need?
4. What is the best fluid to use? Do I need to do anything to stop my parts getting rusty or getting crud in the loop (sorry Im not sure of the correct term for this, basically what do I do to keep the fluid and parts in the loop clean).

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