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This is what it will probably look like click (Click to show)

All i need now is for you to approve my tubing and fittings ^^ rolleyes.gif
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I will be ordering the parts within the next four hours and would be grateful if someone could quickly run through the parts and confirm that they actually fit together.

As usual, thanks in advance!
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HI again, the tubing and fittings will work together. You DON'T need the Lamptron clamps when using compression fittings. The Monsoon fittings look good, but they are difficult in use. I would go with a different kind personally.
You should grab a couple 45 and 90 degree angle rotary fittings as well. Maybe 2 extra compression fitting too just in case.
For fluid. Distilled water is best for heat transfer. You can get plain Distilled at a local store for cheap.
To go with your fluid get EITHER a silver kill coil OR PHN Nuke or THIS as the PHN nuke does not seem to be available at that shop.

Probably get 2 or 3 meters of tubing. (10-12 feet). thumb.gif
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These would be better for you as they have the bottom part to hold onto when you need to take the compression ring off. HERE

Good luck
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Thank you)
The 2x Lamptron clamps are for the motherboard like shown on this image image (Click to show)
The additive is said to contain "additives against algae and corrosion inhibitors" are you sure i need an additional additive?) And will i need more than 1l for my loop?
For the fitting, i'll get two of those and two of those as well then).
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Go with THIS and THIS
That way you can reuse them if you ever change tubing size or type.

Yes get the additive, Get distilled water from a local store, Here in the States, a gallon of distilled is maybe $1.50 very cheap.
The additive is to keep stuff from growing inside the water loop.

I can't find silver at that shop so disregard that, just go with additive, it will last you many many years. just a few drops in everytime you clean out your loop.
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Thanks everyone, i ordered the parts and will post pics when the rig is complete!)
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Updated with pics)
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