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I have a multi-monitor setup that consists of 3 monitors. 1 is my main monitor, 1 is a 23" tv as a secondary, and the third is a 42" tv. All three are 1080p monitors, and are set up identical in Windows 7, where this problem does not occur.

The second and third monitor are duplicated, so they have the same view all the time. For some reason, this messes with the scaling options in Win8, as every window gets obnoxiously large, yet the background and the taskbar remain normal. Even the number that shows when detecting displays is only halfway on the screen. (will edit with image tomorrow)

The primary monitor, which is not duplicated, remains at normal window scaling and resolution. When dragging a window from one screen to the other, it will jump in size.

The primary is connected via DVI cable, the 23" is using a MiniDP to HDMI active adapter, and the 42" is using a DVI - HDMI cable. This is how the setup functioned flawlessly on Win7, with correct scaling and borders around the edges.

Because I know scaling has multiple meanings for monitors (windows and the border afaik) I just wanted to clarify that this is not an issue with the screen resolution/borders. Those are fine, it is showing 1080P as the setting. The actual windows jump in size when moved from monitor to monitor.

and finally, here is the twist: If I extend the display to the TVs (rather than duplicate) everything is normal. I would just rather not do this if at all possible.

>Fresh win8 install, all drivers loaded. Running off Xfired 6870s.

gotta catch up on sleep, hopefully tomorrow someone will have an answer for me?"

huh. despite restarting before and still having that problem, it is now fixed. IDK why it did it in the first place, nor why it didnt become 'fixed' sooner. But I just turned on my computer and it is working just fine, all proportions correct.

Guess it just needed a few reboots?
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