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I know this is a really old thread and all, but I found it and I think it's still relevant to me. Sorry if I make anyone who's picky about new threads and all mad.

I'm stuck between these two monitors (Asus VG248QE vs BenQ XL2420TE) as well, and I'm leaning towards the Asus, however I'm curious as to what the BenQ flicker free thingy will add. I plan on using LightBoost with whichever monitor I get, will this effect the flicker free technology? My understanding is that it will turn it off, is this correct? Other than the Flicker free thing, and the remote for quick profile changing, these monitors are exactly the same (almost). They use the same panel, thus the same color reproduction can be created. So my main concern comes down to the "flicker free" feature vs the game plus features that the asus monitor features. They're both minor things, but I'd just like to see what you guys have to say about it, since a few of you seem to own these monitors.