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Overclocking the i7 3820

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Before I start off this post I'd like to say that I'm a complete noob to overclocking. I have the i7 3820 running at 4ghz after changing the multiplier to 40. My current voltages are around 1.334mV (which I believe are a little high). My motherboard has something called "OC genie" which is supposed to automatically overclock and optimize your system. I have this option turned on but I manually lowered the voltages because I believe 1.334mV is too high for 4ghz.(Is this accurate?) I read something about EIST and how it can control your overclock and only scale up to it when needed. Some people seem to like it and others don't. Should I use EIST or is it better to just have a 24/7 overclock? How would I go about getting it to work in the first place? It seems like my processor is always at 4ghz regardless of what I'm doing. I have the option enabled but it doesn't seem to be working. Does this feature also scale down your voltages accordingly, depending on the frequency of the cpu? I mean if the voltages are low then the multiplier can be higher without overheating, right? So do I really need this EIST feature? Also, should I turn off Turbo Boost and Enhanced Turbo? Thanks! biggrin.gif
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Post you question in this thread:


There are a lot of helpful people in there that know a lot about your cpu.

1.25v is what I'm thinking for 4GHz on an I7 3820. But every chip is different when it comes to overclocking.
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