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I had originally planned on getting a high-end air cooler or a corsair h100i to cool a 4930k and not worry with cooling my gpus, so I bought a HAF X 942 case. After purchase, I have decided I would really like to get into building a custom loop that would cool the cpu and two amd R9-290X gpus and I am unsure of being able to get enough radiator in this case. I am wanting to get an xspc rx360 rad in push/pull in the top of this case with a D5 Photon 170 Reservoir/Pump Combo, but was wondering if any of you knew if it was possible to cool these three parts with an extra 120mm rad in the rear of the case? If not, if I take out the bottom hd bay, would a 240mm plus the top 360mm rad be enough? I want to build a dual rad cpu loop at this time and add in the video cards after gpu blocks are available for them. I would like to oc the cpu to 4.6ghz and run the gpus at mostly stock speeds.

I would love to get into water cooling but I don't want to waste money getting a loop setup that can't cool my components correctly. What do you think? Would it make more sense to simply get a corsair h100i for the cpu and use the 360mm for the gpus as two separate loops? Help me out!

bought so far:
pioneer bd-r burner
areca ARC-1224-8i raid controller
2x Samsung 840 pro 240gb ssd
2x Seagate ST2000NM0033
SeaSonic X-1250 PS
Sound Blaster Z Series ZXR
intel 4930k
G.Skill 32gb ddr3 2400
evga x79 dark mobo
Haf X 942 case (red)

planning on buying:
aquaero 6
D5 Photon 170 Reservoir/Pump Combo
xspc rx360 rad
Koolance CPU-380I Water Block
???120mm-200mm-240mm phobya rad (not sure)
2x AMD R9-290X
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