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Just wanted to share a recent experience I had with Silverstone's customer service:

The crossbar for my NT06-PRO had a fastener come loose which held one of the spring loaded bolts in place. It was a tiny piece of metal, only a few MM in diameter... and wherever it rolled off to, I wasn't finding it. So I emailed Silverstone's US customer service dept, asking if I could purchase a new crossbar for my unit.

Less than an hour later I had an email back from them, asking for my serial number etc, and after I responded, three days later I had a brand new crossbar in my hands, shipped completely free of charge! biggrin.gif

I know it's a small thing, but I really appreciate the fact that they went above and beyond their obligations to help me. That kind of customer care is a rarity in my experience, so I had to give Silverstone props. Thanks, you guys are awesome!