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For Sale:
Denon AHD2000's (Heavily Modded)

Will Ship To: US48

I bought these from another member here in February this year. They are in the same great condition as when I bought them.

I am selling them solely because I need the money. They are my favorite headphones now, and will hopefully be able to afford a similar pair in the future, but for now I'll be returning to my ATH-AD700's.

Original box and ear pads included.

Asking $295 shipped.
Paypal only, shipping to the US48.

Link to original FS thread:

Quote from sale thread (mainly about the mods):
In great condition. These are fun, boomy, in-your-face type headphones stock. This particular pair has been heavily modded to bring its sound quality closer to its older brother, AHD5000. The cheap plastic cups have been replaced with the wooden cups from its oldest brother, AHD7000, with the Dynamat mod applied. The thin pleather pads (will also be included) have since also been replaced with thicker angled leather JMoney V2 pads to help further improve comfort and listening experience. The headband has the padding band from a Beyer headphones wrapped around it for improved comfort. These are very efficient and can be easily used with portable music players.