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I currently own this card and thought about overclocking it but i saw in one article(don't think it was on this site) that they mensioned this model is an overclocked edition. I noticed other GTX650 cards do have lower stats compared to the DCT types and this one is looks to be a strong one for its class to me. Which brings the question at hand: if they say its overclocked (which im not sure) Could i overclock it .... no bad stats so we don't burn it ofc.
Actually i can't find anything about this card overclocking capabilities on the forum(can't find any other DCT cards too). Any info you could tell me about how to clock it or something similar is helpful.

Asus GTX650 DCT 1GB5

Engine clock: 1215 Mghz
Voltage: 1112 mV
Memory clock: 5100 Mghz