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I have currently an IPS monitor and it is very good while doing my work (coding). I use it connected into the only HDMI port in my 660 card however it has very annoying ghosting problem in movies and games. Later I found this monitor Samsung S22A300B with good price $100 and it also has res of 1920x1080 and DVI connection.

Other available monitors near my place are
ASUS VS248H, VX238H and VS239HR all has price range of $220

I really dont not look to spend much on second monitor specially that I will need to buy another HDD and tablet soon for my work in addition I dont want very big monitor so 21.5 in is enough for me but I am worried about color quality and ghosting for watching movies and playing games on S22A300B as a single monitor.

Please advise if S22A300B is good enough or should I wait to get an Asus model ?

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