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My dilema is should I just stick with the I7-3930K or go for the Ivy-E? I currently have my i7-2600K tuned in where I want and it rocks all the games I care to play but I'm finding that to get AutoCAD and my Adobe CS6 Suite and AutoDesk Inventor to do what I need them to do, the extra 2 cores and a pro-vga card is my only option.

I wish I could figure out a way to get it all out of my Z68 but I wouldn't mind building a new rig anyway so I'm throwing this out to you guys. I have two ideas:


Gigabyte X79-up4 (cheap, I know gigabyte mb's well now and I'd like the 8 slots)
Sandy-E i7-3930K
Fill up the DIMM's with 32GB DDR3
Drop in a Quadro K4000 (for now, until nVidia moves to PCI-E 3.0 with their Quadro's)
and the rest is just nuts and bolts...


Go for the Flagship Ivy-E 4960X instead

The UP4 has 4 PCI-E slots to give me room to add a Tesla card down the road and maybe SLI two higher end Quadros.