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This was a busy past week.

I started with a 3930k and MSI X79MA-45 motherboard. I have another rig that I used a CM HAF 932 and liked the case, I originally had the cpu cooled by a Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme. I found a slightly used XSPC RX 360 radiator and the "quest" started.

Due to the mb being a micro X79 mb running 2 gpus in sli/cf required them to be real close so I opted for a single GTX 680. BTW a nice inexpensive mb that does a decent job of OCing.

Here's my build:

MSI X79MA-45
Intel I7-3930k now OC'd to solid 4.3 Ghz (Originally cooled by Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme at 4.2Ghz)
16 GB of AMD Performance Radeon memoryDDR3-1866 ( 2 x 8GB)
Intel 530 ssd 180GB (OS) and WD Black sata III - 500GB (data)
PC Power & Cooling MK II Silencer 950 Watt
Win 8-64 OEM
CM HAF 932 Advanced

As mentioned above I got a great deal on a slightly used XSPC RX 360 radiator. I decided to add a single Swiftech MCR120-QPK radiator internally in the rear exhaust area to give me 480mm of radiator to cool the 3930k "beast" and a single GTX 680. I used a Swiftech Apogee HD cpu block, a XSPC Acrylic dual bay reservoir with a Swiftech 655-b pump and a EK-FC680GTX+ full cover copper/acetal gpu block. I used 1/2" I.D. / 3/4" O.D. tubing with barbs around and swiftech clamps. I used Distilled water plus a silver kill coil.

I'm stunned by the drop in cpu temps and UBER stunned by the drop in gpu temps. CPU was running 71-72C with IBT when Thermaltake cooled. GPU was factory cooled and would climb to @75C when stressed at stock.

Now the CPU NEVER exceed 55C on the hottest core. Ran prime all night and actually 54 C was the max. The GPU? Idle 31C and overclocked to the most before artifacts 43C!!!

My impressions? Get a bigger case for dual cpu cooling so you can run a 360 and 240 or bigger rad together. Do yourself a favor and cool your GPU with your CPU. The 3930k overclocked stresses even the best AIOs but when you build a custom rig with a 360 rad for this cpu you have plenty of cooling capacity for it alone. However, to run the fans quietly you need more rad area to cool the gpus

BrightCandle suggested a rough formula of @ 115 watts power dissipation per 120 mm area of rad at very low fan speed. My OC'd 3930k at 4.3gHZ WAS @185 watts and the GTX 680 stock was @180 so I was just short. 4 120mm rad sectors gave me a 460watt capacity with very low fan speed. I opted to add the 120mmSwiftech rad and matching fan to the RX 360. Glad I did.

I'll try to take a picture and upload it.