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intel xmp

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hi ,
I'm new at this. i'm putting a system together one part at a time, and trying to learn as much as possible.
I have a question related to my purpose for building a computer. i will use a Haswell, slow cpu (3.0), and
will do no OC'ing. I'll limit use of the rig to running Adobe Lightroom for editing probably five hours per month.
I chose 4th gen intel Cpu without regard for OC, but am stumped as to what i should do with Intel XMP. i plan
to use either GSkill or Mushkin (likely 1333, 1.5V) 4GBx2. with MSI H87 G43 motherboard. The CPU is i5.
I might as well go to the source...help!!!
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That post didn't make too much sense but I will try to help out the best I can.

Using a slow haswell is pointless, you need to look at either the 4570 or the 4570k, I would obviously recommend the K for future expansion and overclocking.

XMP is just an Extreme memory profile, you use it to get the correct frequency and timings out of your memory if I remember correctly (Basic terms here)

That motherboard will not allow for any overclocking as is extremely limited in what it can do, are you absolutely sure you want to blow a considerable amount of money on a machine and limit yourself to this extreme extent?

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